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1. It will low your risk of the common cold. A consistent routine is a proven to keep away from getting cold. It is shown by the studies that you have about 40 minutes brisk walk 4 days one week, it can make the colds you do catch shorter by half. The medium-intensity workout could boost natural killer cells.
2. It is helpful to improve depression without drugs. In one study that pitted jogging against the antidepressant or combined the drug and exercise together, all people achieved the similar improvement in their depression after four months. But the people who continued the workout had the lowest rate of remission at six months.
3. It helps you prevent and treat Osteoporosis.
The brisk walking may not be very sufficient. The effect when your feet hit the ground can stimulate cells in the bones of your legs and spine to build new bone, and can prevent the thinning that could lead to osteoporosis. When you take higher-impact activities like dancing, hiking or playing tennis, it will stimulate bone growth. You need to check with doctor to see if your bones have the trend of falling. You also need to take strength-training. It will stimulate bone growth when muscles and ligaments on bones as you lift weights that rely on your weight to build muscles. A combination of higher-impact and training strength is the best bet.
4. It will reduce your chronic pain. If you can do more than 10 minutes aerobic workout like running and fast walking on the running machine, you could improve chronic pain and probably by releasing natural pain which relievers named endorphins.
5. It will fight chronic fatigue syndrome. An exercise may let you feel exhausted, but you will feel better in the long run. Researchers in Britain required a group of people who have the fatigue syndrome to take walk or some other aerobic workout no less than five 5 minutes a week, gradually increasing their daily activities to 30 minutes. These patients all had a good improvement on their symptoms and they felt much better after 3 months when they took relaxation classes. One year later, three-quarters of them had got start to the normal daily exercise and some got back to work.
6. It will reduce the chance of getting colon cancer. If you take a half hour walk four times a week will reduce the 25 percent chance of getting colon cancer. And you like eating meat very much; you should cut back on red meats such as hot dogs that can also help. Studies find that people eat processed meats two times a day can increase the cancer risk by 24 percent and eating once a day can will also raise risk by about 20 percent.
7. It can prevent and relives consitipation. The way to make thing move is to get yourself moving. Workout will speed the passage of food though the digestive system. It will cut the chances of becoming constipated by about 40 percent for some people.

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Benefits Of Workout

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This article was published on 2010/12/10