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As an aerobic workout, swimming is a good form of cardio. You are best using swimming if you wish to lose weight, rather than trying to gain muscle mass.
This swimming workout will incorporate many styles or ‘strokes’. Doing this provides variety and it will also work your muscles in different ways to produce the best workout. There will be three different strokes in this workout, but you can feel free to do you favourite one. Just don’t focus on a single stroke for too long otherwise you won’t be getting the most out of it.
The first thing to do is have a quick warm up just to loosen up a little. To do this just swim for 2 minutes with each of these strokes at a casual speed, so swim for 6 minutes in all, before beginning.
Start off with the butterfly stroke. Begin by doing 20 fast strokes as quickly as possible before doing 10 additional strokes at a relaxed pace. ?The next stroke is known as the “freestyle” stroke.
This will be the second style that you do. Do it for 30 strokes at a quick pace then once again follow by 10 casual strokes. Then move onto the next kind of stroke, breaststroke.
This is probably the most physically demanding stroke in this group. Once again start off with 20 fast strokes followed by 10 slower ones.
These three basic strokes make up the cycle of your workout and you should do 8 of these cycles to complete your workout. However, it is important to start slowly and begin at a 4 cycle workout and work up to doing an 8 cycle workout as you progress in your routine. Try to do an extra cycle each time you return to the pool, this way by your 4th workout you should be completing 8 cycles.
When you reach this point of the?swimming workout you can add to the workout intensity by doing more fast strokes during each stroke set. ?Your ideal goal should be to swim at a fast pace for a period of 20 seconds, slow down again for 10 seconds and keep repeating the cycle. If you follow this guideline, the eight cycles should only take four minutes.
You call the 20 seconds fast and 10 seconds casual the ‘Tabata Protocol’. ?It takes less time and is much more effective than the conventional slow and steady approach of doing aerobic exercises (running, biking,?swimming workout).
Once you have increased your quick strokes and these 8 cycles get too easy, you can add more cycles onto your 8 cycle workout. You shouldn’t do more than 5 additional cycles total to avoid over-training. Aim to workout for about 20 minutes and no more.
Aim to complete these cycles 3 times a week, unless you do other forms of workouts as well as these. If you are currently taking part in muscle gaining workouts then do the swim workout once a week, possibly twice.
Make sure that you’re always watching for what is ahead of you to avoid bumping into the wall. ?It can be dangerous if you’re going all out and bump your head into the edge of the pool.

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Best Swimming Workout

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This article was published on 2010/12/13