Insanity Workout For Seniors?

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A friend of mine recently burned his way through the Insanity Workout, a 60 day incredibly intense cardio workout that you do at home, and came out the other end lean and ripped. He loved it! He lost about twenty five pounds, and now he's moving onto Tony Horton's P90X. He loved it so much that he impressed his dad, who has since expressed an interest in doing the same thing. So my buddy came to me, and asked if it would be alright for his dad to do the workout. His dad is in his fifties, and my friend was worried that his dad would hurt himself. So I gave him all the advice I could, and then realized that it would make a good article for all those folks who are itching to do something extreme but aren't sure if their bodies can take it. Can seniors do the Insanity Workout, or are they better off with something lighter?

The answer to this question revolves around a basic premise that is false: that we have to do the Insanity Workout at the same level of intensity that Shaun T, the instructor, is performing it at. People see how hard and how intensely Shaun T is working out at, how hard his backup workout trainees are going, and they think they think they have to perform at the same level, that if they're not matching them push up for push up, they're not doing the workout right.

False. Shaun T himself says over and over again that we should stop whenever our form begins to slide. Every break he tells us to check our heart rates and make sure we're doing alright. He constantly tells us to stop if we're struggling, and there is the key to doing the workout right. We're not supposed to match him jumping jack for jumping jack, there is no absolutely necessary way to do the workout. As long as you exercise at your own personal best, you're doing the workout right. Maybe that means simply going at half speed compared to the video, maybe that means taking four minute breaks instead of thirty second ones, maybe that means standing there gasping for air as you struggle to not quit and press stop.

Regardless, anybody can do this work out if they check their pride at the door and listen carefully to their bodies, going at the pace that is right for them.

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Insanity Workout For Seniors?

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This article was published on 2011/09/23