Say Goodbye to Those Chicken Legs With This Leg Workout

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When it comes to developing and shaping your body, I guess the most abhorred portion is where you are required to work on your legs. As a result, most people prefer working on their arms and chest and avoid a proper leg workout.

It is true that training your legs is indeed very difficult- yet if done properly, you can achieve wonderful results within a few weeks!

Here's a simple leg workout that you will be able to try out at home:

To achieve the best possible results from this workout regime it is advisable that you devote an entire day to training just the leg portion. Truth is that a leg workout is so exhausting you will be unable to train any other part on the very same day.

Try a weight belt of a good quality when using heavy weights. The first rule is to keep your back straight, you head held high and your abs tight. This will not only increase the efficiency of your training, but also reduce the risks of injuring yourself during the workout.

Heavy exercises are mandatory to build and improve the muscles of your legs and thighs only then will you be able to attain those coveted and shaped legs that you desire. Having strong thighs is mandatory for such heavy weight exercises, and training them properly is important. You require special training to develop the muscles of your hamstring and things and the following exercise promises to help you out.

Try the Squat exercise: this helps build up the muscle mass in your legs and thighs.

Stand with your feet slightly apart according to your shoulder width. Standing widely will develop the inside of your thighs, and standing with your legs closely will develop the outer area. The barbell should be placed on the back of your shoulder while standing on the rack. Now hold the barbell and walk out of the rack. Stand in a straight posture, making sure that your legs are stretched out. Bend your knees slowly, and now lower your body. Make sure you move slowly to avoid a strain. You must remember to keep your back straight with your head up. Continue doing so until your thighs form a parallel line to the ground. With exercise and patience you can even lower your body to a larger extent. Slowly rise up and stretch out your legs. Repeat the process at least twelve times to reap benefit.

Another tip is to spend some time in warming up your body. This is a very important part of overall exercising as it helps you from straining any muscle unnecessarily. You could do simple stretching exercises, spot jogging or jumping as part of your warm up session.

It's advisable to get the help of a physical trainer to proceed with your leg workout regiment in the beginning. He/she will be able to guide you on doing these exercises properly. After learning the proper method of exercising, you can start doing them without any help. Any good gym worth its weight will have several machines dedicated to leg workouts so boredom shouldn't be a factor.

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Say Goodbye to Those Chicken Legs With This Leg Workout

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This article was published on 2010/04/04