Some Mistakes to Avoid in Bodybuilding

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Inadequate Diet Structure with too many Supplements

Arguably the most common mistake you can make is not having a diet regimen of the essential nutrients and calories that support muscle bulk build-up, this can easily defeat any bodybuilding workout. You pick up a health and fitness magazine or click on a bodybuilding site and you get right on with what training regimen to get into or what gym equipment to use. After weeks or even months of training, you gain so little muscle that you end up giving up. When you ask why, the answer would most likely be found on the kind of food intake you had all this time.

Food supplements are fine if there are taken as they were meant to - as dietary supplements. Don't be taken in by all those ads promoting this or that supplement guaranteeing muscle mass. If you have not taken the right foods in the first place, there'd be nothing to supplement it with. As a bodybuilding novice, do spend time learning some basic nutrition to properly arrive at the right diet for you at your age. You may not be knowledgeable in counting calories, but at least, being grounded on knowing the healthy foods out there will point you in the right direction. The basic rule is that a workout can only build muscle if your body has the right nutrition to fuel the building.

Lack Of Training Structure

This can lead to an awkward physique that's unbalanced. When was the last workout you had for legs? Maybe never. It's always the chest, or the abdomen, or the biceps. Every muscle in your body needs to have about the same workout intensity if you want to look great. You don't want to have a well developed chest and biceps on tiny legs and fatty buttocks, do you? Do plan your workout spread over the week. There are pre-designed training programs that should do the trick. Having figured out what the regimen structure will be, follow it consistently.

Lack of Consistency

To gain progress with any workout regime, you need to be consistent with your training, nutrition and rest/recovery. The temptation to slack off in one or two workout regimens, when you see little gain, is real. It's very easy to start out with high enthusiasm and then fade off when you see increasingly less gain. It's precisely at this point when consistency can work to your advantage.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep enables the body to recover and renew damage cells. During this time, the body releases growth hormones called IGF-1 as well as testosterone - all these figure in the recovery process that include muscle stress recovery. It also prepares you for the next day's workout. As a teenager, father or executive, a busy day's schedule can rob you of sufficient hours for sleep. But bodybuilding is about having the passion and focus to become bigger and stronger. So there should be no excuse not to allocate 8 hours of sleep everyday.


Don't let your eagerness to gain muscle mass get the better of you. More may be better when following your workout but there's a limit to that. Once you've reached this point, any excess workout won't make any gains, and you'd be overtraining. You won't be gaining any but straining your muscles unnecessarily. Fatigue is one signal to stop.

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Some Mistakes to Avoid in Bodybuilding

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This article was published on 2010/03/27